2000, March / The I-10 Chronicles

Volume 1

The I-10 Chronicles

This is a fantastic collection of artists doing great work on an exceedingly diverse collection of songs, with some startling combinations. Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris sing backup vocals to Bill Hearne (on different songs), Bill Hearne plays with David Hidalgo and Sergio Gonzales, and a great version of "Carmilita" is sung by Adam Duritz with David Hidalgo playing Dobro. Should it sound odd on the printed page, do not be put off by that. It is tight, exciting music, done with many wonderful surprises and twists and turns. It includes a wonderful version of Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'" with Willie Nelson doing lead vocal, songs by Guy Clarke, Warren Zevon, and Peter Green to name only a few of the outstanding collection of writers. This is as eclectic as can be and a great mix that holds up very well. One of the most wonderful things in this collection is that there are several lesser-known artists showcased with a very good result. Eclectic and diverse, it makes for an out standing collection of music. Do not miss this one.

By Robert Gottlieb