1994, June / Ten Foot Pole


Ten Foot Pole

This is easily Ten Foot Pole's best cd - in fact as far as releases from the entire early to min 90's So Cal releases - this is right up there with the very best (others include 'And out come the wolves', 'Smash' and 'Stranger than Fiction'). Hell what am I talking about, it's in my top 10 albums ever.

Scott is an absolutely amazing vocalist, and on this cd the band are at their tightest - except maybe the split cd with the Satanic surfers. The melodies, background vocals, lead guitar, drums are all perfect. This is one of the few cd's from my past that I still love - and I have over 100 "pop punk" releases haunting me... I can still put this on, close my eyes, and go to a better place. An awesome album to think to, drive to, fall asleep to, get drunk to - and the list goes on.

To the clown that claimed their later albums are better - mate, you need to clean the wax out of your ears. I suppose you think that Offspring's album 'Ixnay on the Hombre' is better than 'Smash'. Rev is an album that defines Epitaph - well before they ventured out - but good on them. It is the essence of true melodic punk rock, strong lyricism,and well crafted songs. It is an album that is timeless. This is a cd that no true music fan (or punk rocker) would burn - you must own this one. Gold. Their album after Rev, 'Unleashed' is really good too, but Rev owns that by far.

By Iain "E-N" (Sally's first production for Epitaph)