2014, August / Glenn Allan Britain

Echoes Of My Dreams

Glenn Allan Britain

"This is country music made for barroom brawls and honky tonk masquerades. The lessons Glenn Allan Britain learned weren’t out of a book, and they definitely weren’t taught in a classroom. Instead, these songs seem like they originated in ruminations on life-changing mistakes and daydreaming matinees. Britain is no stranger to nightclub stages, and comes across as someone who knows his way around the working life. But he also is a man who takes his lyrics seriously, and these ten songs will likely stand up long after some of his fans can. "Rolling Toward Heaven” would do any serious songwriter proud, so look for it soon coming to a radio station or film soundtrack nearby.

The secret weapon in all this is producer Pete Anderson, someone who made his name with Dwight Yoakam’s door-busting albums who’s gone on to be the go-to guy for a variety of musical styles. Anderson knows exactly how to arrange Britain’s songs, amplifying the impact while deepening the emotions. It’s all here: rowdy rockers, country weepers and a few tracks which could be classics someday. Dreamland dead ahead."

By Bill Bentley