The Young Dubliners

I ABSOLUTELY love this album!! Where do I start? The Dubs seem to be moving in a new direction, musically. Well, let me re-phrase that - they are continuing their evolution into a straight forward rock band. They are more a rock band from Ireland (though only two members are Irish) than a band that plays Irish-Rock. Throw in the fiddle and mandolin and they are an eclectic rock band from Ireland.

With the exception of Brown Dog, which is reminscint of The Pogues, all the songs are straight forward rock. I read a review that described the songs as 'anthemic guitar...' which I found interesting since I believe Bob Boulding is really hitting his stride since joining the band and has put his stamp on this album by heavily influencing its' sound.

The overall sound is not as diverse as previous albums with the departure of keyboardist/saxophone/flautist, Jeff Delisanti but, the Chas Walts' rejoining the band helps fill some of those gaps.The first four songs on the album are top notch with 'Low' really catching my ear. 'Scream' has single written all over it and 'Jump in the Sea' will have you bopping all over your car as you drive down the road.

Enjoy this album - be sure to catch this band live...I really enjoy 7 Nations and Great Big Sea but, I'm sure The Dubs will blow them off the stage during this Summers' Uprooted Tour.

By Noel Curry